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Workflow with Two Column Form Layout, Custom Reports, Query Enhancements & more


April 10th, 2013 Features  

With yet another release, we have added some new features and enhanced the capabilities of some existing features. Here’s the list of the feature updates:

  1. Workflow with two-column form layout: In February, we implemented the option to switch between grid view (rows and columns) and accordion view (repeatable sections) for tables. Now, we have implemented the option to switch between a single-column layout and two-column layout for forms. Should the forms be too lengthy, you can choose the two-column form layout to easily input the data, or to just view the data without having to scroll. If the form includes a table, then it will automatically be switched to the grid view when the two-column form layout view is selected. If a two-column form layout is required, then please publish any one of the processes once.
  2. Query any participant: The ability to query the initiator is one of the unique features of KiSSFLOW that a lot of our users like. A feature enhancement that our users have been requesting from us is the ability to query any participant and not just the initiator. Now you can query any of the workflow participants who have already acted on that request. If this feature is required, then please publish that process once.
  3. Reports enhancements: Out-of-the-box reports provided the users with the ability to view, analyze and gather insights about the workflows. These standard reports can be customized by customizing report preferences such as selecting the required columns, applying the required data filters and sorting the data in the desired order. Now you can also create your own ad hoc reports and easily access these reports form the ad hoc reports menu.
    mockupIn addition, we have also made some enhancements to process performance metrics reports that are useful for measuring workflow performance, process step performance and participants performance. You can apply the filters to view the performance metrics for a specific period: Last 3 months, Last 6 months, Last 12 months or custom data range.mockupYou can also click on a request to view a detailed report along with its approval history. A detailed blog on the process metrics report will be published.
  4. Copy and embed form links: Do you have an intranet site for HR, Engineering etc using Google Sites that employees use? Now you can embed the links to initiate the workflow requests from an intranet portal hosted on Google Sites instead of having to launch KiSSFLOW, select the workflow and click on the button to initiate the request. Here’s how you can copy the form links that have to be added in Google Sites:mockupFor example, you can embed a link to the ‘Performance Review Form’ on the HR intranet portal. One click on that link would take you directly to the form to be filled out, provided you have already logged in using your Google Apps account. However, if you have logged into multiple accounts or haven’t logged into your Google Apps account, then an intermediate page is displayed either for selecting the account or for login. In this case, only the task’s home page is displayed on redirection.