New features: Process metrics report (KPI), transaction lookup

New features: Process metrics report (KPI), transaction lookup and more


March 11th, 2013 Features  

We are committed to constantly improving KiSSFLOW, making it the easiest way to implement your workflows for Google Apps. With the recent release on Mar 2nd, we have further enhanced the capabilities offered by KiSSFLOW. Here’s a quick look at the newly added features:

  1. Process metrics report: KiSSFLOW provides the users with a set of pre-built reports that can be used to view, analyse and gather insights about the workflows. In addition to these reports on workflow data,  out-of-the-box process performance metrics reports for measuring workflow performance, process step performance, and the participants performance will be available for process owners.

  2. Transactional lookup: Now you will be able to lookup other workflow data. For example, you  can create a workflow to onboard a new client and then lookup the client information in the workflow for creating an opportunity, project etc. or you can lookup approved travel plans in travel claim workflow so that the claims are submitted for approved travel plans only. This feature combined with master data feature will allow users to create a complete solution such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and other sophisticated processes.

  3. Mail “cc” notifications and custom content for email notifications: KiSSFLOW automatically sends notification emails to participants whenever a task is assigned them or whenever the request initiated by them is completed, rejected or queried. In addition to the users who are responsible for completing a task, certain users may just have to be kept informed about the progress of the request or completion of a specific task. With the new “cc” notification feature, email notifications can be sent to users both internal and external (other domain users) to keep them informed about the requests.

  4. Withdraw requests: Now the initiators can withdraw their requests that have not yet been approved. For example, you have submitted a leave request for approval that has been approved by the manager and is currently pending with the department head for approval. If you decide to cancel the leave request and apply for it later, then you can use the WITHDRAW option for In Progress requests to cancel the leave request. When the withdraw option is used, the notification emails will be sent to all the participants who have already acted on the request and to the participant with whom the request is currently pending for approval or input, and then the request will be deleted.

Detailed posts on each of these new features will follow.