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Get KiSSFLOW in your native tongue, Multilingual support is here!


May 27th, 2013 Features  

It’s been almost a year since KiSSFLOW’s launch at the Google I/O in June ’12.  3500+ clients and over 110 nationals later, we are happy to announce the beta launch of Multilingual support feature.

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The multilingual support feature will be implemented in two phases, of which Phase 1 has already been implemented.
Phase 1: This would enable process owners (creators) to design forms with field labels in local language and allow users to enter data in their local language.
Phase 2: Complete multilingual support for KiSSFLOW. Enabling administrators to set the preferred language for product instructions, validation and error messages in forms etc.
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How to create forms with field labels in local language?

KiSSFLOW doesn’t allow any unicode or special characters in field labels, not henceforth. Now, you can specify a display name for each field in the form. This not only allows you to create a field labels in local language but field labels with special characters too!

Creating forms in local language using KiSSFLOWs multilingual support

Form with field labels and form data in local language (Tamil)

Create Forms in Tamil language using KiSSFLOWs Multilingual support

Reports in local language (Tamil)

create instructions in local language through KiSSFLOWs multilingual support

[space height=”25″]Over the next couple of months, we plan to make KiSSFLOW available in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. If you have any feedback or any suggestions about the multilingual feature, please write to [email protected]