Workflow with master data and lookup features

Workflow with Master data and lookup features


December 21st, 2012 Features  

One of the key information required for implementing workflows is the user details as it is required for workflow user assignment. KiSSFLOW uses provisioning APIs to sync users and email groups from your Google Apps domain, and makes it readily available for workflow user assignment. In the case of companies with a small team, you can directly assign the user while creating your workflows because the workflow participants (approvers) are known at the time of design. As the company size increases (say >25 users), direct user assignment may not be possible because the reporting (line) managers could be different. Also, the approvals may have to be routed to the department heads for approval. This necessitates that for each user, department and line manager details must be captured, and the department details such as department name and department head details are also captured. KiSSFLOW provides the following system masters: User, Department and Location, which could be used to define the organizational hierarchy.

In addition, master data such as Customer Master, Item Master, Vendor Master, Account Master, Offering Master etc is often required to support critical business processes. With the release of the new Master data feature, you can create/maintain/import masters such as Vendors, Customers, Products and more to support your processes such as procure-to-pay (PO approval), order-to-cash (quote approval, invoicing) etc.

For example, the purchase order workflow is used by the procurement team to purchase items requested by the employees. The purchaser inputs all the relevant details about the purchase including the delivery details, supplier details and items details, and then submits the purchase order request. Since the master data feature is available, Supplier Master can be created with all the required supplier information and can be used to lookup information in the form. The purchaser can select a supplier from a drop-down list and then review the supplier details looked up from the Supplier master.

Master data feature requires read/write access for Google Spreadsheets. You will be able to grant these permissions only if you add KiSSFLOW from Google Apps marketplace. To try this feature, please add KiSSFLOW from Google Apps marketplace.

Go on, get started with creating your masters and use it in your workflows. Check out the help article for more details.