KiSSFLOW Master Data Update.

KiSSFLOW Master data feature enhancements


May 27th, 2013 Features  

We have made some enhancements to KiSSFLOW master data feature to make it more easier. Here’s a brief summary of the changes:
  • Dropdown and masters have been made into separate entities.
  • Dropdown is only for simple static lists i.e. single column master.
  • Dropdown can no longer be converted into master.
  • Creating new masters can be done only via master tab.
  • In the form, masters will work similar to lookup. A popup with the list of data will be displayed and the data can searched/filtered.
  • Masters filtering will work similar to lookup filtering. Mapping is no longer required or possible for masters.
  • Mapping list values is available only for constraining data in two related dropdowns.
More detailed updates to follow.