Assign application administrative privileges to workflows on kiSSFLOW

KiSSFLOW now lets you assign application administrative privileges


February 22nd, 2013 Features  

Prior to this release, KiSSFLOW administration was based on privileges defined in Google Apps administration i.e. all the Google Apps administrators (super admins) were given administrator privileges for KiSSFLOW, when KiSSFLOW was added from Google Apps marketplace. If the administration privileges were to be granted any other user, then the only option available was to make the user as a super admin for their Google Apps domain.

Also, for a Google Apps super admin, who may not participate in KiSSFLOW workflows or is not responsible for KiSSFLOW administration, access to KiSSFLOW cannot be removed/made inactive. Hence, paying for those users was unavoidable earlier.

In our continuous effort to improve KiSSFLOW, we have made some changes that will make it easier for KiSSFLOW administrators to manage access to KiSSFLOW and configure user profiles, permitting you to assign application administrative privileges to the desired user.

  • You can make the administrators or any others user inactive by clicking on the DEACTIVATE button.

  • By default, all the super administrators for the Google Apps domain will be given the admin privileges for KiSSFLOW. The administrators can then give admin privileges to any user or remove admin privileges for other administrators by changing the permissions as shown in the screenshot below. Choose from User, Creator and Administrator.

  • Easily browse through the locale information sorted by language – country and select your locale.