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24 Ways KiSSFLOW is Better Than Ever to Start 2017


January 10th, 2017 Features  

Like most of us, KiSSFLOW changed a lot in 2016. Here are a few ways that the KiSSFLOW you love now is better than ever.

KiSSFLOW Home Screen


  1. KiSSFLOW got a brand new UI with a consolidated home page of all of your tasks.
  2. We added a Participated Items count to show items you worked on, but didn’t initiate.
  3. There is a Withdrawn count to show items you withdrew.


  1. Task progress indicators show how far along in the process an item is.
  2. There’s a better comment area to track conversations about items.
  3. You can reject an item back to any task in a workflow, not just the beginning.


  1. You can bulk delete drafts.

The New Apps Page


  1. There are 48 pre-built automated workflows to download, use, and customize for free.
  2. Apps can be duplicated for use in other departments on the same account.
  3. Deleted Apps can be recovered within one month.

App Builder


  1. Checkbox field and new formulas to create conditions.
  2. Signature field.
  3. Rich Text field.
  4. You can add custom validation messages to your fields.


  1. You can assign dynamic deadlines and SLAs.


  1. In your workflows, you can use the Goto feature to create forward and backward hops.



  1. There’s a brand new App Metrics Layout to check the progress of your processes.



  1. You can now manage both your master data sets and your single column lists from the same location.
  2. When selecting a master in a form, you can choose which columns show to protect privacy.



  1. Admins can enable or disable a standard attachment field to every item.
  2. You can set up Single Sign-on through SAML.


  1. Admins can set up holidays and working days that adjust your SLAs and deadlines.


  1. Email notifications are much more functional and easier to customize.


  1. iOS and Android apps now support Push Notifications.

We also made a lot of improvements under the hood to our cloud infrastructure to ensure that you have a fast, secure, and seamless experience.

Stay with us for 2017! We’ve got a lot more on the way!