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Demo Day

Build a custom IT Asset Management solution

Watch how to build a fully functional IT Asset Management application on a no-code platform


Tanya Pandey

Product Manager


Tanya is a Product Manager with a passion for helping teams make smarter decisions with technology. At Kissflow, she helps enterprises democratize their IT efforts so that they can build, innovate, and go paperless, at scale.

Every company knows the pains of poor asset management: inefficient asset utilization, ghost devices, and manually maintained spreadsheets.

Digitizing your IT asset management can give you reliable data throughout the asset’s life cycle so that you can identify areas of cost optimization, automate lifecycle processes, and simplify audits.

However, the challenge lies in bringing together business and IT teams to collaboratively build a usable custom application for these kinds of solutions.

Tanya will show you how to build this application live in less than 30 minutes.