Understanding the Digital Workplace: A Kissflow Perspective

• Digital Workplace

The term digital workplace is used quite a lot today. Just as with other recent buzzwords like chatbots or older ones like big data, you might have gotten a little tired of all the excited “this is the next big thing” noise.

So we’ve put together a brief introduction to this concept. We’ve broken down what it isn’t, and what reliable business experts say it is.

Reading through, you’ll be in a better position to understand the concept.

What is Digital Workplace?

A digital workplace is a unified platform to manage all the daily activities of a typical business. It does this by offering tools designed to take care of various tasks, processes, projects, unpredictable cases, and collaboration.

A digital workplace platform drive focused intensity among workers, with connectivity encouraged by integrated technology, and fosters a collaborative workplace culture.

The Gartner description

In a study by Gartner’s Matt Cain, the digital workplace is explained as a strategy to help the employee experience. Cain describes the concept of digital dexterity as a combination of easy-to-use tools and an engaging deployment of these tools. Digital Workplace – Gartner glossary [1].

Digital dexterity is designed to empower employees to embrace the digital workplace, with tools designed to keep them actively engaged and highly productive. The results from the company’s perspective are obvious–they inculcate high-impact knowledge in employees, and reap solid returns on tech investments.

The new work nucleus

Previously, digital transformation was carried out by disparate elements like word processors, spreadsheets, email, web conferences, IM and local drive. The old work nucleus wasn’t very good at doing what it was meant to do: bring efficiency into the workplace through digital disruption.

Cain explains a shift to a new work nucleus meaning there is a shift in the very core of how the workplace functions.

Connected tools for tasks, projects, process management, and collaboration take over functions previously carried out by separate, stand-alone elements and the an-app-for-every-function approach.

Kissflow’s perspective: The Digital Workplace

At Kissflow, the unified digital workplace is a remedy, presented as a platform. You can use it to take on various aspects of work–processes, projects, cases, and collaboration.

You can handle everything from budget approval requests and advertising campaigns to customer inquiries and policy revisions, all on a single, central system.

It’s different from all-in-one app solutions and self-proclaimed comprehensive solutions that are a collection of disparate, disconnected workplace solutions, as this illustration explains.

Digital Workplace

Kissflow’s digital workplace is designed for minimal disruption of work. It is made for the modern workplace, made for convenience, consistency, and connectivity in the office. All the information is stored in the cloud, and there are never any gaps in data. Every last task, process, and a project can be monitored with ease. And the best part? You won’t have to write a single line of code.

A new way to work

The fragmented digital workplace of the past had a tendency to slow work down, delaying business activities as employees dealt with siloed data, manual error, and ineffective collaboration. This is why the digital workplace of today needs to be a single, cohesive combination of all its elements.

Implementing a digital workplace is never as simple as signing up for the latest tech trends. Instead, managing all core operational management on a single platform cultivates a new level of synergy, getting business firing on all cylinders in an evolving, digital business landscape.