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Technical Writer

Work Experience : 2 - 5 years

Job Description

A Technical Writer is responsible for all the textual content inside the product and generated for a particular squad.

At all times, the Technical Writer must advocate for the user. If something is confusing or inconsistent, the Technical Writer should speak up and offer alternatives as to how the content, design, and functionality of the product can be improved. 


UI text content on wireframes for new and existing features

Writing content for error messages, in-app notifications, toast messages, email notifications, templates, and API-related content

Maintaining a repository of all content related to their squad

Following the product style guide at all times, and updating it as required

Reviewing existing UI content on a regular basis

Writing documentation for new and updated features, including adding GIFs, screenshots, and videos where applicable

Writing announcements for major feature releases for internal channels and to be included in user messages and newsletters

Updating documentation and other UI elements when features are added, revamped, or deprecated

Collaborating with third-party vendors for scripts, translation queries, videos for courses and tutorials


Strong articulation skills with a very strong command over English, including meanings of words and synonyms

The ability to present a complicated list of instructions in a logical format

The ability to shorten phrases down to their essence while not changing the meaning

A passion for consistency and the ability to spot textual inconsistencies quickly

A natural tendency to document decisions and keep style guides and glossaries updated with the latest information

The ability to always approach a new screen from a users’ perspective and not the product teams

A natural tendency towards creating and following processes, but also a quick and willing spirit to make immediate suggestions when required

The ability to argue a point effectively without damaging relationships

Embrace ownership and show a willingness to learn new things

Be open to constructive criticisms/feedback

Be kind and empathetic towards others

2-5 years’ experience as a technical writer in the SaaS industry for Senior writers

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