Getting Business Process Management done: Beyond those Million Dollar Logjams




We’ve all heard the stories, and often witnessed them first-hand.

Here is how they go. Business identifies Process Transformation as one of the priorities. A top-notch Business Consulting Firm engages with stakeholders and identifies the key Business Process areas that could be “transformed”, with quantifiable ROI and qualitative competitive advantage.

Business Consultants, Domain SMEs, Process Experts get their heads together over weeks and months to document the As-Is Processes. They define the To-Be processes while Technology Consultants undergo a massive Technology Selection exercise for Technology Refresh to support the To-Be Process Vision. Process Discovery, Process Mapping, Process modeling, Documentation and Software Requirements Specs ensue. And, the organization is already sitting long way into the tunnel with millions of Dollars (or hundreds of thousands of dollars) burnt on “paperware” and some bit of platform development activity with no specific business results in sight.

“We’ve just got started”, the program managers exclaim when asked for the results.

A year down the line, everyone is celebrating the first few processes in production, by when some of the assumptions are challenged, and  business scenarios have already altered diagonally from the time the exercise started off. Not to mention, the organizational changes and the business funding nuances that sometimes throw the plans off-track. Complications, risks, business dynamics, technological challenges, and organizational skill sets are some of the multiple factors that keep jeopardizing the mega process transformation projects.

We all learn from these stories.

We want iterative, business driven, objective-oriented and agile process management environment.

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Process Consultants want a seamless modeling-to-execution environment where they can make progress with the business users without having to rely wholesomely on IT to perform Projects A, B, C in order to get to a starting point in process execution for Baseline Process.

We have been wanting a Self-Service Process Automation platform where Businesses can create and manage workflows without having to go to IT for every little step. We want to make progress on Business front, bit by bit, and improve the processes one step at a time, in an iterative manner, without labeling the initiative a BPM project or an IT project or a Business Transformation program.

We want to get rid of these Million Dollar Process Consulting Logjams, and make BPM happen as we go. Not even that. We don’t want a BPM project. We want the Business Processes built the way we need for Business. We want to be able to go agile, on business. We want Business to take focus. Process Maps, Process Documents, IT Requirements and Process Transformation Analysis are fine, but we need the business running while all that (if at all needed) happens.

So, how would nice would it be if:

  • Business can focus on 90+% of the processes that they know work well, instead of getting locked into the exceptional paths that drive these projects crazy
  • Consultants can focus on building the processes and see them work on the ground without having to wait for months or quarters, in order for any analysis to even start kicking in.
  • Business and implementation can talk the same language when referring to business process attributes and variables, and the metrics. Business Process Models and Process Implementation Models wouldn’t be two different things.
  • Technology is available for use. Platform doesn’t require a Technology track to wait for months before the first level access to the platform is made available for creating the processes.
  • The technology investment doesn’t run hundreds of thousands of dollars at the promise.Pay-as-you-go and Decide-as-you-proceed, so to say.

Welcome, Workflow on the Cloud, ready to use.

Welcome, Self-Service Workflow Automation.

Welcome, The Business Users driven Workflow creation and management.

Let the Business happen, and BPM is done in the process.