US Coast Guard Auxiliary – Awarding Achievers



Business Process Automation

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (CGAUX) is a volunteer organisation administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The organisation has over 34,000 volunteers spread across it’s units in the 50 states and in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and Guam. During our recent conversation with Bruce Millers, Deputy National Commodore for Information Technology and Planning  at CGAUX, he spoke to us about the organisation’s need for process automation and the benefits of it.


CGAUX as an organisation strongly believes that the organisation’s success is largely due to it’s volunteers. The organisation monitors every volunteer’s activity and goals and recognizes their achievement by awarding them accordingly.

Processing Awards: Bruce and his team had a set process for the awards program. They would receive inputs on each volunteer’s activity and achievements as PDFs. Later these documents would be screened by the authorities and eligible candidates would be chosen at the consent of the people in the awards panel. Of course, the process sounds straight and simple, it really isn’t. Each application would go through an approval cycle, where each panelist would have to verify the documents supporting the candidate’s achievements and will have to provide his opinion by choosing to approve or deny.  Now, when this process has to be done for hundreds of volunteers, the whole idea of awarding volunteers to motivate them by recognizing their contribution is lost. This, apart from the fact that, during paper transactions data may get misplaced and lost beneath heaps of paper piles.

The Need For Business Process Automation: Usually, many organisations choose emails to solve their communication problem. The idea being that emails can always be looked up as and when needed. But when you’ve tons of emails piling up, it’s just saves you from the need of licking stamps!

Bruce had tried various options, including adapting a new system of app-scripts to run the process, it simply complicated things for them. They still had to use PDFs and paper documents and needed to run between work desks to get approvals for each process. Capturing data, providing support documents and ensuring that the process is in place and traversing through the right channels was highly essential to them and the options they had tried until then didn’t work.

” We processed over 100 awards in 60 days. Our success rates are high! We are glad we found you!” – Bruce, a year after using KiSSFLOW for automating processes at CGAUX. 

Process Automation Solution:

Bruce found it a lot more easier to set up and automate processes on KiSSFLOW. The ability to track status of each task and process, to identify where the process is stuck, SLA violations ensure that the process is smooth flowing. The ability to attach documents, to interact through comments and inquiries eliminates the chances of miscommunication. The chances of the process falling through cracks or data being lost during any transaction is eliminated.

With the ability to easily capture data from participants within and outside the workflow, and create workflow as per their requirements, KiSSFLOW happens to be the perfect fit for CGAUXs’ need. Recognizing achievements and awarding accordingly has now become a lot more easier and quicker at CGAUX. We are glad to have helped Bruce and his team in automating processes at their organisation.