Looking for a SharePoint Workflow Alternative?

Manish Nepal

February 16th, 2018 sharepoint workflow  

What is SharePoint?

“SharePoint isn’t one thing. SharePoint isn’t a program. It’s a platform. It’s a collection of many very different products and technologies, all wrapped up and given a name.”
– Simon Allardice, software developer, trainer, and author.

What Are the Different Services of SharePoint?

Even SharePoint can’t describe exactly what it does, but here are a few of the features:

  • Sites – Make interactive websites and get analytics
  • Communities – Create communities to collaborate with others
  • Content – Manage documents and file sharing
  • Composites – Use pre-built workflows and get business intelligence
  • Search: Scan through internal metadata and servers

Why SharePoint Workflows Don’t Cut It

Very few companies use every feature in SharePoint. It’s a mélange of mediocre apps blended together that has never been great at any one thing.

Here’s what a 2016 survey that AIIM conducted among 274 SharePoint users has to say:

  • 58% said that user reluctance to SharePoint was a major issue
  • 43% said they weren’t fully aware of all SharePoint features
  • 29% said they had no idea what SharePoint 2016 offered
  • 11% said they hit a plateau in terms of SharePoint adoption

SharePoint workflows come with a confusing interface and limited functionality. If you struggle to make SharePoint online workflows functional, you’re not alone!

Disadvantages of SharePoint

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others have to say about SharePoint workflows:

“The workflows…are either extremely limited or extremely complex. This means that customers again need to either limit their requirements or pay through the nose for someone who can design and develop workflows properly.”

– Bjørn Furuknap, SharePoint Sucks – And Here’s Why

“SharePoint tries to do several things in one place but cannot do one of them perfectly.”

– A KiSSFLOW Customer

“Clear-cut information on front-end development for SharePoint is frighteningly difficult to find. SharePoint is chock-full of bad practices and front-end code taboos that will leave you scratching your head.” 

– J. Ky Marsh, The Nine Circles of Hell: Front-End Development for Sharepoint

Why KiSSFLOW is a Superior Option

Unlike other software platforms, KiSSFLOW doesn’t promise to do a lot of things. That’s because KiSSFLOW has just one thing running deep in its DNA: workflows.

KiSSFLOW allows you to create workflows that are easy to set up and run. Here is a list of features that make it easy to convert your SharePoint workflows to KiSSFLOW.

  • No-code user interface
  • Zero maintenance hassles
  • Frequent software enhancements
  • Instant customer support
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities
  • Integration with Office 365, G Suite, and 750+ apps

If you’re tired of creating SharePoint workflows that are unreliable, then it’s time to look for something else.