KiSSFLOW stands for Keep it Smart and Simple for Workflows. It is the first-of-its-kind workflow software that enables non-tech savvy users to build workflow automation on their own, on a self-serve basis. It was based on the notion that 90% of workflows can be automated using a much simpler tool than was available.

KiSSFLOW was launched at Google I/O 2012 and now has over 10,000 customers across 121 countries. KiSSFLOW is consistently rated as one of the best apps on the Google Apps Marketplace and many other software review sites.

KiSSFLOW allows business leaders to design their own workflow processes quickly and efficiently with a four-step wizard. Teams across an organization can then use the automated workflow immediately rather than waiting for months for the rollout of an expensive on-premise BPM solution.

KiSSFLOW is used by department heads of IT, finance, operations and human resources to streamline their everyday operations. KiSSFLOW is widely used across many industry segments and by marquee companies like Sysco Logistics, PepsiCo, Royal Caribbean, Carvajal, Dominos, and Saint Gobain.